Tasmania facing worst skills shortage in years

Tasmania is witnessing what is called as the worst skills shortage in years. The worst affected is the hospitality industry.

With a turnover rate of 25% each year (Tasmanian Hospitality Association), the Tasmanian State Migration Plan suggests there is a great shortage of restaurant managers, bakers, pastry cooks, butchers, chefs and other cooks.

In wake of this alarming situation in the busiest time of the year, when local businesses are buckling under a massive peak period, industry leaders have called for new visa rules targeting staff shortages in the State, a one similar to the one in Northern Australia.

Under the Federal Government scheme, working holiday visa holders in NT can work longer for one employer with hospitality jobs being eligible to be counted towards a visa extension.

However, in Tasmania, the same visa holders can stay with a single employer for up to six months only and must work in a sector such as fruit picking to extend their stay to a second year.

It is estimated that some 8,000 positions need to be filled in Tasmania by 2020.
Restaurant and hotel owners have already started looking into other options such as sponsoring staff under the sc457 visa.

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