Quebec’s Skilled Worker Program- online applications will start soon!


The “Regular Skilled Worker Program” for Quebec generated a ton of interest; 3,500 candidates submitted applications in less than one week, between November 4 and November 10, 2015! This huge response shows how excited people are about Quebec’s Skilled Worker Program. Quebec gets cold in the winter… but Quebec’s Skilled Worker Program is hot, hot, hot.

Another round of applications will soon be accepted, beginning in January of 2016. These applications will have to be submitted online! Please check visit Tehran Visas dot com often. We will post news stories letting you know exactly when the January 2016 online application procedure begins. Meanwhile, we strongly advise you to contact us today, and schedule an appointment to come in and meet with us in person. We can explain to you the details of how the program works, and what Quebec is looking for in the applications. This way you can begin preparing your application in advance- so that when January 2016 comes around, you will be able to immediately submit your materials, and be one of the first candidates to be considered.


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